Is Detox help with fat loss or weight loss in Natural way?

 Question: Hello sir...... Is Detox help with fat loss or weight is natural..?



I am a sports nutrition coach, plz consider this. "Detox" Diets and related supplements are a BIG SCAM. Despite a lack of scientific support for any “detoxifying” dietary process, many “detox diets” have emerged with a combination of fruits, vegetables and Detox teas. People don’t use common sense to understand How would juice or Tea, per se, enhance their organs’ ability to eliminate toxins? Some people even use it for fat loss. I don’t understand how flushing out a toxin will reduce fat in the body man. SAVE YOUR MONEY , DONT WASTE ON DETOX. the imagined purpose of these interventions is to purge would-be toxins (dirty, yucky, poisonous chemicals) from our bodies. our bodies have very robust detoxification systems. Our major organs of detoxification include the:
• digestive tract,
• kidneys,
• skin,
• lungs,
• liver,
• lymphatic system, and
• respiratory system
In the name of “Detox” People live on vegetables, Juices, Teas severely depriving of proteins and amino acids. In the absence of Carbohydrates body will not retain Glycogen and what you lose is called “Water weight” NOT FAT. Severely restricting calories with Liquid diets is not only sustainable and in order to meet the body’s energy demands, your body strips of Amino Acids from muscle mass and what you also Lose is Muscle. So finally What you Intend to lose is Fat but in turn what you lose if “Water+Muscle” . Some detox teas also have secret ingredients that increases the metabolism by making your Heart work Overtime with purported weight loss benefits making these very dangerous. So please stay away from “Detox” .

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