You are paying and going to a gym to screw up your health & Fitness

You are paying and going to a gym to screw up your health & Fitness: It’s a Fact

Merit of the Exercise: When you do an exercise ask yourself “Why am I doing this” , “Is it impactful” “ Is it Bio Mechanically safe” , “Is there a better and safer exercise” .
If you are doing the exercises mentioned in the pics, you/your trainers/gyms are screwing up your back. Exercise is like smoking, the day-1 you smoke you may not suffer a stroke but continued and cumulative efforts will eventually result into ill health. Simple. Put your mind to work before asking your trainer “ Bhaiya side fat ke liye kya karna hoga” or “Tummy Zyada hain, kuch exercises batao na” Otherwise Rest in peace your spine !!



When you SIT, Sleep, Stand you should always maintain “Neutral Spine” , Its actually keeping your EARS, SHOULDERS & HIPS in a straight line alignment (attaching a pic for reference) . Majority of the exercises I see people doing in the gyms, YouTube workouts and the trainers prescribe are NOT SAFE. MOST OF THEM ARE NOT NEUTRAL SPINE, UNSAFE and BIO MEHANICALLY INCORRECT. Unfortunately, people confuse between “Athleticism & Fitness” & “Bodybuilding”. You actually go to the gym with a mindset to get fit but you end up training like a Bodybuilder. The life of a Bodybuilder is too risky to walk, his prime goal is to pack muscle to look huge and that’s all. they are walking dead with eroded bones making multiple doctor visits, injuries and they are on Performance Enhancing Drugs to get big and ripped to win a competition. They don’t look Human. Bodybuilders goal is not to improve speed, agility, mobility and power. He just goes onto stage to flex his unnatural muscles, that’s it !!

Now sports and Athleticism is drug tested, you cannot take risk of injury as you will be away from your sport. You reach new heights based on your FITNESS & PERFORMANCE (Endurance sports like marathon; Power sports like Rugby & Baseball; Speed demanding sports like skiing; agility sports like gymnastics) . If you are unfit you need to retire from the sport !!

Why Gyms are a huge Danger:
Irrespective of qualification anyone can become a trainer. All you need is a certification to know how to use a cable machine and a squat rack. You don’t need to learn to what angle is your spine allowed to rotate, all you need to know is Biceps/Triceps/ chest/shoulders/legs/back and all you need is YouTube access to understand and implement in the gym. I have seen gyms were office boys were made trainers, imagine!! Nobody ever worked/put their minds on mixing Athleticism & Bodybuilding to craft the best solution!! This is the situation with any gym, any trainer and any city in India.

All the exercises we advised to skip are based on the Range of Motion of spine and Hip and Merit of the Exercise.
  • Cervical vertebrae Flexion – 80 to 90 degrees; Extension – 70 degrees; Lateral flexion – 20 to 45 ; Rotation – 90° of rotation to both sides.
  • Thoracic: Flexion: 20-45 degrees; Extension: 25-45 degrees; Lateral Flexion: 20-40 degrees and Rotation 30 -35 degrees
  • Lumbar Spine: flexion 73-40 degrees; lateral flexion 28-14 degrees; Extension 29-6 degrees;Rotation 7 degrees
  • Hip ROM: Abduction (0-45); Flexion (0-120); External Rotation (0-45); Hyperextension (0-10)

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