Workouts to reduce belly fat?

Question: Could you suggest some tip for workout to reduce belly fat? For now, I'm doing 20 mins of running, rowing and crunches.

Answer: You need to reduce your over all fats and then goes out your belly. Doing crunches wont help at this stage. The calorie deficit diet we gave you combined with your workout routine shoud do good. Aerobic activity taps your fat reserves and Resistance training will shoot up your metabolism so you burn calories even when sleeping or watching TV. So spend most of your time lifting progressively heavy loads and use HIIT cardio as a tool for may be 20 mins a day. Be patient and you will see the results. All the workouts you do are engaging your core, you don't need to do a separate routine for your abs. When you reach your target body fat levels, we will advise you on your core training. For now, be patient and any second you can spare, lift more to rev up your metabolism. Your abs are already there covered by fat. So a constructed diet is more critical at this stage.

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