Will whey protein cause side effects?

Question: Will whey protein cause side effects???  Will i have to continue this lifetime or what happens if i stop???

Answer: Be it whey or not generally protein consumption has a bad tag “High protein causes kidney/liver damage” . Firstly, there is NO UPPER TOLERABLE LIMIT for protein established. There is no evidence that high-protein diets (2.2g/kg body weight) cause liver damage or kidney damage in healthy adults. From what I learnt, eating up to 4.4 g/kg (2 g/lb) body weight didn’t cause any short-term health problems in clinical studies too brother. Saying too much protein consumption will cause kidney/liver problems is just like saying Jogging causes broken leg. There is a difference between jogging with a broken leg and jogging with a perfectly healthy leg. Similarly, People with pre-existing Liver (such as cirrhosis) and kidney problems, elevated uric acid levels should avoid protein rich diets NOT a healthy individual.


Whey as a supplemet:

Whey is a “supplement”. Now anything you don’t get in optimal quantities through food you supplement it. Ex: Whey, Multi-vitamin, Cod liver oil etc…Supplements are also superfoods designed to meet targeted health and performance goals. When you get nutrition from whole natural foods you get Nutrients in Random amounts and supplied indiscriminately, In small and inconsistent amounts with varied bio availability. Foods contain calories. Ex: If you are eating paneer for protein you are also getting high fat. Now whey proteins are made in a clinical setting and comes in various blends. You get pre-digested whey, Whey isolates that help in quick recovery, with a mix of different amino acid profile, Low carb, zero carb suiting various needs. Supplements are also cheap and convenient to carry and needs minimal efforts for consumption unlike foods need a set up to cook.
Do you need to take whey lifetime :
If you can eat all whole foods with lean protein Ex: chicken breast, Fish, shrimp, Egg whites etc you may not have a need for whey protein. The day you cannot meet your protein goal with whole foods it’s a good idea to supplement, yes lifetime.

What if you don’t have protein everyday:
Protein is so important that without it, we die or become seriously malnourished.
(This protein-deficiency disease is known as kwashiorkor, and we often see it in people who have suffered famines or who are living on a low-protein diet.)
All your enzymes and cell transporters; all your blood transporters; all your cells’ scaffolding and structures; 100 percent of your hair and fingernails; much of your muscle, bone, and internal organs; and many hormones are made of mostly protein. Hence, protein enables most of our bodies’ functions. If you stop eating protein you will fall deficit/short on nutrition that will lead to imbalances and health issues. SO EITHER EAT WHOLE FOODS OR SUPPLEMENT

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