Why weights are preferred over cardio?

Question: Why weights are preferred over cardio?

Answer: I see huge jacked up physiques spend hours on treadmill calling it a “Cardio” day. First understand “Conditioning workouts” vs “Cardio workouts” . Conditioning workouts are quick bouts of workouts performed with minimal rest intervals to elevate your heart rate. Kettle bell swings, interval circuits, jump rope between sets, Barbell complexes, Etc. these prepare you for war and make you look like a warrior . On the other hand, is “Cardio” as the name implies should be used to improve your “Cardiovascular health” and a 10-minute walk is all you need. Now people use Treadmills, cross trainers and Recumbent bikes for 30 and 45 minutes. The problem at hand is when people use Cardio and related equipment with an intention to expel calories and to lose weight/Burn fat. Especially when individuals fall in obese category your knees may not well tolerate Orthopedically and you stress the joints with prolonged usage of joints for load bearing.

Cardio activity keeps your heart rate elevated at 55-85% of your Max heart rate to achieve the desired benefits and this can be achieved by keeping the rest interval between your weight training sets to less than 30 seconds.

Women are at the risk of Osteoporosis and Every super market sells Women Horlicks, Women calcium Sandoz aimed at improving their bone strength. Weight training promotes new bone growth in the body unlike aimlessly running on treadmill

You improve muscular strength and endurance with resistance training and become strong while you just become a sponge cake in yoga pants on a treadmill.

With weight training Your Metabolism shoots up high burning calories when you sit, sleep or do nothing making you a calorie burning machine while Cardio burns calories during the activity and nothing thereafter.

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