Why do we need to workout before having a cheat meal?

Question: Why do we need to workout before having a cheat meal and why can’t we have cheat meal first and then workout in the evening or the next following day? Do our workout has to be more intense on the cheat day than the regular workout?

Answer: I am a sports Nutrition coach. please consider this. Cheat Meals are nothing but setting yourself on Self sabotage that begins in the mind to say “i wish i ate that”, or ‘I wish i had that in diet”. Cheat meals impede your progress. However , if you still wanna have consider this.

1. Make sure that is a High calorie day and cheat meals fall within your calorie range for that day(Surplus or Maintenance day and not on Calorie Deficit.
2. Many people first eat Sugary things like ice-creams , 🍩, chocolates and sweets with a mindset of going to the gym to burn calories. But its the other way around. You should time your cheat meals after your workout.
3. When you weight train, you deplete your muscle glycogen stores and any simple sugars are best absorbed 1 Hr post workout to replenish your muscle glycogen stores before turning to fat. When you time it in any other time of the day, your excess calories are converted to fat. Once your Glycogen stores are full, any additional Glucose is converted to Fat. So the BEST TIME IS WITHIN 1 HR after your training.
4. Also the thumb rule is “Its not a Cheat Day”, Its a cheat meal. So carefully indulge and your cheat meal SHOULD NOT EXCEED 30% of your over all calorie intake for the day. A small slice of Pizza, One chocolate, Little portion of Biryani, etc…will not take you away too far from your goal.
5. Also , Any large muscle like your legs, Chest and back burns more calories than your biceps, triceps and calf. So better workout the large muscle groups and Yes high intense to deplete all your glycogen stores

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