Why are fruits are not good as a part of diet?

Question: Can you explain why are fruits (smoothies) not included in our diet? And if we can consume them, when is a good time?

Answer: I am a sports nutrition coach. consider this. Our bodies can only absorb monosaccharides that is glucose, galactose, or fructose found in FRUIT AND HONEY.


If it is not needed for energy immediately, then it is converted into glycogen
in the liver or muscles. The liver has the capacity to store 100 grams of glycogen. The muscles have the capacity to store between 250-400 grams of glycogen, depending on muscle mass and physical condition. Liver glycogen supplies energy for the entire body. Muscle glycogen only supplies energy to muscles.If the body has an excess of glucose, and all of the glycogen stores are full, the surplus glucose is converted to fat by the liver and stored as adipose tissue (bodyfat) around the body. If needed, fatty acids can be burned as fuel (BUT the fat cannot be converted back to glucose).

While Fruits are an amazing source to build health , we limit them to our clients because your body does not differentiate between artificial and natural sugars. We want you to be a fat burning machine. If we have to give fruits we always pick peaches, cheries and Low GI fruits that keeps yur blood sugar levels stable. The fruits are planned around your workouts to replenish your muscle glycogen stores that are depleted during your weight training

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