While lifting the weight should we release the breath or take the breath ?

Question: While lifting the weight should we release the breath or take the breath ?

Answer: Squatting with 10 KG vs 200 KG, Healthy individual Vs Person with High Blood pressure and there are many factors that determine breathing ability and technique. example, during a heavy squat with more than 85% of 1 RM , you first take a deep breath and brace your core for a heavy Squat. Throughout the Squat movement you do not inhale or exhale, you only exhale upon completion of a repetition. Your core acts like a bridge and you are filling it with air you inhaled and bracing the lift with a stiff tightened core creating Intra-Abdominal pressure. If you exhale at the bottom position, you simply collapse. The “Valsalva Maneuver” is the only advanced technique we teach on.

For exercises that does not demand you to Hold your breath, consider this : You'll want to INHALE on the eccentric or 'down' phase of the movement, and EXHALE on exertion (concentric portion of the movement). For example, when you are pushing the bar off of your chest during a bench press, you will exhale on the pushing up and away from your chest phase, and inhale as you bring it slowly back down to your chest. When you are doing a pullup, you exhale on the pulling up motion and inhale on the way down.

The amortization phase or transition from the eccentric to the concentric requires the greatest force production as you are normally overcoming gravity, the weight of the limb and the load. So if you consider the biceps curl in the bottom position as you transition from going down (eccentric) to back up (concentric) that transition and change requires great force production at which time that exhalation is beneficial.

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