Whey Protein with Ayurvedic Herbs & Multivitamins OZiva Protein & Herbs, Women

Question: Hello Raj, I have one doubt on the protein powder which I recently came across. Heard so much about OZiva Protein & Herbs, Women, Whey Protein with Ayurvedic Herbs & Multivitamins ( Soy Free, Gluten Free) and other variants in It. Is this really good compared to other protein powders in market?? Thanks in advance.

Answer:  I am a sports Nutrition coach, Please consider this. Nutritional supplements toe the line between food and drug, and therefore are not regulated by the FDA. There is absolutely nothing guaranteeing the purity of supplements, or the safety of using them. In addition, the manufacturer can claim benefits of the product that have not been tested or proven. There is no clear source/Organization where you can get exact answers to many questions related to safety and purity other than blindly buying supplements.

Coming to this specific brand, I have read the labels ( I made a collage for your reference). The supplements brands come with Illusion of creating health benefits and taglines to prove they are better than their competitors. They use plants& Herbs to create an illusion that your body is healed by nature but remember Even if its coming from nature, IT IS STILL A CHEMICAL. The label says better “Body Toning” . Body toning happens with Low body Fat percentages Not with supplements. “No Added Sugar “ , “No Artificial sweeteners” are advertising gimmicks to create health illusion, the sweetness may be coming from Stevia or added fruit . Now the Whey protein for women ingredients are like any other whey protein brand, this protein has whey isolates and whey protein concentrates with a big list of vitamins and minerals. Your body DOES NOT absorb Synthetically produced laboratory vitamins as efficiently as Nature made. So look for cost affordability and pick a nice whey protein that you think you will enjoy the economic and taste benefits. This is no great than any other Whey in the market. In general product reviews are deceptive. People get paid for endorsements and as a consumer people who may write review may not scientifically evaluate the product.

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