Whats wrong with Herbalife products for weight reduction

Question: I have seen a lot of people going through a diet where they use Herbalife products and claim that they are really good for weight reduction. I have never been very convinced with the idea of using products like these and do not intend to take them up either (Unless suggested). A friend of mine is using the products and is all praise for the same. Would you recommend such products?

Answer: I am a sports Nutrition coach, please consider this. Firstly, Supplements should be an addition to good Nutrition and NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR GOOD NUTRITION. Herbalife products are considered “Slimming to death” and associated with acute liver failure. People who are only interested in losing KG’s are not aware if they are losing muscle, damaging their liver or what’s happening inside the body by sipping these industrially made chemical toxins. data showcase heavy metal contamination, toxic compounds, psychotropic substances, and pathogenic bacterial contamination. Please pass this link to your friend (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/31024209 )
. People who sip Herbalife do not healthily lose weight by exercise and Nutrition (Fat should be oxidized, you expel 7000 calories to oxidize 1 kg Fat). Eating severely low calories is putting your body in a starvation mode and a severe stress condition where your hormones go for a toss, metabolism drops and you also cannibalize the muscle tissue. You also experience mood swings, gastritis and hunger pangs. Is the risk worth the tradeoff for your health to lose few KG’s? NO. : I believe any weight loss should be by-product of your overall health building process and NOT at the trade-Off. Dieting is Eating like an athlete and training like an athlete, not slimming to death by becoming weak and becoming a sponge cake.

Herbalife is a large multi-level marketing health company. Down the chain are distributors and resellers who care more about your wallet than you. The clients are given certain “Forumlas” to be made as a “MEAL REPLACEMENT SHAKE” and straight put-on low-calorie diets. A Good nutrition should always include eating foods and never a replacement of whole foods with some chemically produced formulas and liquid diets. These are short honeymoon practices and not sustainable. You don’t see someone sipping toxic drinks for 10 years, these fancy fad practices and diets last for a few weeks to few months. Without fixing their habits and switching to a healthy lifestyle the weight lost is eventually gained back.

Do you know most of the supplements are spiked and sometimes the Nutrition companies may not list all the ingredients on the labels. These may be life threatening too making your heart work over time and increasing the metabolism..

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