Whats wrong eating Idly without chutney everyday morning

Question: Hi Raj, anything wrong eating Idly without chutney everyday morning?

Answer: Im a sports Nutrition coach, please consider this. Idly, Chapati, Dosa, Brown bread, Whole wheat bread are still not a good choice on your weight loss goal. Its not as simple as Calories-IN vs Calories Out. 

When you make Roti & Chapati with Whole wheat grains, When you make Idly from Black gram, When you make Dosa from Rice grains, When you strip Barn from Whole Brown rice grain to White rice, When you make bread from multi grains, the NUTRITION IS DESTROYED. processed whole grains (such as whole grain flour) ARE NOT whole grains. When whole intact seeds are processed into flour, they often lose the fiber and nutrients that were there originally. With less fiber and fewer naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, whole grain cereals and flours are less nourishing. More likely to cause blood sugar issues and energy crashes. Less likely to keep you feeling full and satisfied. Refined grains are the ones that have had their bran and germ stripped away through milling /Grinding. They provide all the carbohydrates with hardly any of the nutrients found in whole grains.

What it simply means is You feel less satiated, you will become fatter and will not go well with your lean body goals.

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