What should be the ideal macro ratios?

Question: Started my LCD with macro ratio of P:F:C::35:40:25 just 3 days back.

Body fat:18%

What should be the ideal macro ratios if i am increasing 100 calories per week until i reach TEE. Started hitting the gym for the first time from past 3 months and usually i workout for 6 days a week.please help me out with right approach.Thank you in advance

Answer: Virat Kohli, Cristiano ronaldo , Dwayne johnson, Tiger Shroff, Hrithik Roshan , Any elite athlete or star is NOT on low carb diet i can bet. Without carbohydrates you feel lethargic , weak and your efficiency is brought down. They are on HIGH CARB diet AND look ripped. Only common people like us who wanna drop weight go on Low carb Diet (LCD) , keto, Low calorie , eat 2 roti , skip rice at night, etc.

Consider below.
1. carbohydrates are your primary source of energy for ur body. your hunger pangs, mood swings make low carb diets UNSUSTAINABLE. You will eventually give it up.
2. Carbohydrates when not utilized turn to fat. So time your carbohydrates around your workout. Pre, Intra and post workout.
3. Your muscle is preserved on your weight loss goal in the presence of Carbs
4. Your Fat is efficiently burned in the presence of carbs.
5. Your fat burning depends on TIME OF CARBS and QUALITY of Carbs(smart carbs) - Go with LOW GI carbs complex in nature.
6. Simple of law of Thermodynamics - You give less calories than your body need you drop weight, you give more calories than it needs you gain weight. Now on a calorie deficit it really does not makes sense to sacrifice your carbs value for fat.
7. go with 45-55% carbs, 30%-40% protein and rest fat.
8. If I am right, increasing 100 calories a week is a theory developed and propagated by a glittery group “Squ**s” who will make it look everything is free but give you multiple choices of making your diet plan keto, LCD, Zone, high carb and most people pick low carb to realize its not sustainable and fail and then go on to hire a mentor to make diet charts. that the group who advocate for soya , Saturated fats and Keto. We are not a fan of it.
9. if you wanna consider my recommendation, Eat 1-2days at Maintenance Calories and rest days eat at Deficit. Cycle the calories till you reach your desired fat loss - This is Crunches theory and what i personally believe in as “Sustainable” practices.
10. Your calorie count differs with formulas we use so cannot make a recommendation there . But following above principles you can get to 10% bf

if you are stuck anywhere in your goal, feel free to post your challenge and we will help you over come. If you need personal support of coaching we charge 6k for 3 months just in case you want to take advantage of it.

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