What is the use of wearing compression clothing?

Question: What is the use of wearing compression clothing? I have been seeing people wearing in gym and have been curious for long

Answer: 90% of my workout apparel is compression clothing. after using compression tights, I never felt a need to get back to my other Fits. Based on the available studies compression clothing may provide both a performance and a recovery aid. Athletes mainly wear it for REDUCED MUSCLE OSCILLATION and many other performance gains appear to be because of enhanced proprioception, enhanced lactate removal and/or psychological factors (ie people like the feel of the garments and perceive that they can improve performance).

different types and amounts of compression in garment construction should be a consideration and may need to be sport/purpose specific. EX: Scuba Diving, Power Lifting , Running every sport offers a different level of compression and construction . The material used in their custom-fit compression garment was capable of attenuating impact forces and that this may provide some benefit if worn during contact sports (Rugby, Etc) . Runners have been seen to resist tiredness more effectively while wearing compression clothing. Compression clothing allows for easier hip angle adjustments and increases hip movement which in turn brings about more consistency of strides. elongated elastic provides a pulling energy for the leg by contracting when moving up and used by Heavy weight lifters.

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