What is this new thing 8 pack ,10 pack and 12 pack?

Question: I know about six pack what is this new thing 8 pack , 10 pack and 12 pack 😂😂 is our body designed to have so many packs 🙊

Answer: Men usually have to be about 10% or less in overall body fat percentage and women less than 15% to visually see the outlines of the linea alba and transverse inscriptions that give the visual appearance we know as the "6 pack". Our genetics will determine the primary shape and structure of the abdominal region, just as is the case with our other muscle groups. It just tends to differ more so in the abdominal wall. There is nothing you can do to modify the genetic shape of the muscles but you can further develop ONLY THE SIZE of them through resistance exercise.

Different people can have anywhere from 2 to 12 distinct “sections” or abs, though 6 is the most common sight followed by 4 and then 8 is even rare sight, you need to be born with a rectus abdominis that contains five bands of connective tissue running horizontally across it to see a 10 pack. Sometimes it can be even/uneven or also called Symmetry/Asymmetrical ab structure (Appears in a zig zag fashion and not Linear). Though this is genetics sometimes the thickness variation can be from uneven muscle development in people who play sports that are predominantly one-sided, like tennis or golf. The muscles in the overworked side of the body become thicker. The same can happen in weight training and strengthening if you favor one side more than the other when doing abdominal work.

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