What is good - less reps with heavy weights or more reps with lesser weights?

Question: I have a query on how much volume one should lift. What is good - less reps with heavy weights or more reps with lesser weights? Also please explain about the rest intervals between the sets in both the cases.

Answer: I am a Bodybuilding Coach, Please consider this.


1. You pick less weight/medium weight and train for more repetitions to develop ENDURANCE . that is above 15 reps
2. You pick a good weight that yields 6-12 repetitions for muscle Hypotrophy.
3. Strength Athletes who wanna build strength and wanna lift sub maximal weights should train in the rep ranges of 1-5

A purposeful reduction in training volume & intensity for the purposes of recovery, injury prevention, and improved performance. Deload every 3–6 weeks. Many powerlifters use Deload weeks to supercompenate when they lift heavy again and their strength curve goes up. So this is another time you train at 70% of your volume and intensity.
Understand what one rep max is: given your strength and force output you should perform one repetition maximum.

1. You pick 85-90% of your one rep max weight and trin for 1-5 reps, 3-4 sets and progressively over load ever 2 weeks will bring up your strength curve. that is exactly how people from 40 KG will deadlift 400 KG. Rest intervals 3-5 Mins between sets.
2. You pick above 75% one rep max weight to train for Muscle hypotrophy. 60-90 Seconds of rest interval between sets.
3. You can pick 65% of one rep max weight for your Fat loss. 30secs or less rest interval between sets.

Weightloss: Irrespective of Fatloss or Muscle gain, lifting heavy remains fundamental. Unless you show your body a good reason to keep up the muscle mass, your body may cannibalize your muscle tissue for fuel in certain circumstances in a calorie restricted diet. SO LIFT HEAVY.

I heard many Trainers in the local gyms tell you training at High number of repetitions will give you definition and More weight with less repetitions will increase muscle. THATS NOT TRUE. The facts are above.

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