What is the difference between having 1200 calories of biryani at a single time and having a 1200 calorie diet throughout the day

Question: What is the difference between having 1200 calories of biryani at a single time and maintaining the whole day with that, instead of having a 1200 calorie diet throughout the day...

Can we follow this way when we are on offs for workouts..

Answer: Leaving science, insulin spikes, Fat conservation process behind I will explain it in a simpler way for you to understand.

If your daily calorie requirement/deficit is 2000 calor
ies and you eat 2000 calories at a single shot meal and you starve the rest of the day, still you are BECOMING FAT ! understand how you gain fat.
1. If your calorie consumption is greater than your body’s energy demands you gain weight
2. If your calorie/macronutrient ingestion into your body is beyond its need to utilization, body conserves fat

Example: If you wanna run for 100 meters, your body needs energy; so eat a banana. The energy is utilized and balanced. Now if you eat 2 bananas and sleep, you are giving a quick burst of energy for the wrong activity and your body conserves fat not knowing what to do with that excess energy.

Excess of Carbohydrates turn to Fat, Excess of Fat is turned Fat but excess of Protein is also turned Fat under certain circumstances. Meaning, If you eat too many carbs or fat beyond your body’s utilization, your body has no other option than to store it as fat as an reserve energy. Your body has an ability to utilize 60 grams of protein per ingestion. Beyond this 60-gram utilization, rest protein is either converted to fat if you give body high calories than its need or converts it to glucose in absence of carbohydrate sources (Body extracts energy from non carb sources “Gluconeogenesis”).

I have seen many people with this mindset. Let me eat cakes, ice-creams and tomorrow burn of these calories in the gym. Its not that simple too. Because of high calorie carb intake you “CONSERVE FAT” , tomorrow you go the gym and do Anaerobic activity (Strength/Resistance/Weight training) you are “Burning Muscle glycogen” NOT fat. There is much more to add interms of Fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers, Aerobic/Anaerobic activity and energy supply” . Exercise and Nutrition is a vast subject but for now this is what you need to know.

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