What is the best time to take the gym and do our workouts?

Question: What is the best time to take the gym and do our workouts!! Most of the say that morning times before breakfast would gives us best results. Is this actually a worth saying!!

Answer: I am a Bodybuilding coach and sports Nutrition coach. Please consider these Physiological, Nutritional & psychological aspects.


we all have certain schedules and personal preferences that dictate how we function on a day to day basis which are based on circadian rhythms: the daily cycles that our bodies follow. These rhythms originate in the hypothalamus and regulate everything from body temperature and metabolism to blood pressure. The rhythms result from the firing rate of neurons. They have conformed to our 24-hour light-to-dark cycle, and may be regulated and reregulated each day according to the environment. So either stick to mornings or evenings but not continuously changing your patterns.

Many people who train in the morning train on an empty stomach in a fasted state eating the night before. In intense training if your nutrition is not up-to the mark, you may cannibalize the muscle tissue for fuel to meet the energy demands. Or making a pre workout meal and cooking becomes difficult and may require planning. Sip BCCA’s.

It was found that the biggest advantage of training first thing in the morning is that you free up the rest of your day, allowing you to focus on work and enjoy your evening activities. More often than not, waiting till later in the day drops the priority level of training below other matters like kids and work, parties, etc thereby minimizing your long term success rate.

Results comparison AM vs PM: The plan is to workout and exercise regularly, timing your workouts has no influence on your results. So feel free to train evenings, afternoons, early mornings or even mid nights :p which ever best suits your needs

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