What do u think about Keto or intermittent fasting ?

Question: What do u think about Keto or intermittent fasting ? I see many people following this and they say they loose 2lbs a week !

Answer:  In my personal opinion every person who populated a blanket theory for general population on Nutrition is stupid, they all thought “One size fit all” not realizing every individual is unique with their health, Activity levels, choices, lifestyle, economic, social, geographical and fitness challenges. Ex: Keto Diet, Viramachineni Diet, Millet Diet. Someone asking you to follow IF or keto is as stupid as asking you go to Jawahar Vidyalaya for your studies because it produced Sundar Pichai. The guy who lost 2lbs a week can be all Muscle too, you have no idea. Weight loss and fat loss are different worlds. You lose Water or Muscle from your body your Kilogram will come down, its not desired. I put 240 of my clients on High Carb diet, may be anyone can comment here if they did not progress. This include even diabetic clients. 

When you pick a diet consider this.

1. Sustainability: You should be able to follow a meal plan even after 10 years, or fad fancy practices will only last several weeks before you get back to your habits
2. Health: Any meal plan should be balanced and constructive in nature to build your health and weight loss should be a byproduct of your efforts. Some people follow high fat diets and their cholesterol levels shoot up, People don’t take protein rich diet and experience hairfall. On low carb diets people experience mood swings, hunger pangs and feel weak and lethargic etc.
3. Needs: The guy with a chiseled physique who followed some IF or Keto meal plan and only talks about weightloss on internet may be making multiple doctor visits a week, you have no idea. He may be betting his physique and is willing to take risk, NOT YOU. You should follow what suits you and not a blanket theory.

Intermittent fasting is not a diet, but a diet schedule that is purported to accelerate fat loss and muscle growth compared to traditional eating schedules. It is promoted primarily in the scientific community, however, there are currently ZERO scientific studies (as of April 2015) that have supported intermittent fasting for gaining muscle while losing fat. Its all that Youtube heroes propaganda.

No Athlete follows IF, Keto Only Steroid induced Pro bodybuilders and Weightloss Sponge cakes on YouTube market IF. Dieting is eating like an athlete and training like an Athlete not picking Fancy unsustainable practices my friend.

1. clinical trial (Harvie et al., 2011), authors conclude that intermittent fasting and daily caloric restriction are equally effective at promoting weight loss in overweight and obese individuals. However, no studies to date have been performed with athletes who require maintenance of muscle size, strength, and function.
2. Currently, the bulk of the scientific evidence for the health benefits of intermittent fasting has come from animal studies (review: (Longo and Mattson, 2014) and the negative effects of intermittent fasting have stemmed from Muslim athletes during Ramadan (review: (Chaouachi et al., 2009)
3. INTERMITTENT FASTING IS NOT A MUSCLE SPARING DIET. You lose a great deal of muscle on your weightloss. (Researchers studied the effect of whole body protein breakdown with 7 days of fasting. Their conclusion was that “decreased whole body protein breakdown contributes significantly to the decreased nitrogen excretion observed with fasting in obese subjects”.)
4. Sustainability: Do you know a guy who did IF for 5 years? These are short honeymoons.
5. Suitability: Imagine a situation where you need to be out with friends you are on 16 hrs fasting, you may feel weak and lethargic as Carbs are primary source of fuel for your brain. You may also experience dizziness as your sugars/glycogen stores in the body are quickly used up for energy during fasting period. You may not be able do any intense work/workouts.
6. Advantages: THERE IS NO Advantage of one diet over the other. Like Low carb diet is better than high carb or IF gives you best results. As long as your protein intake is high , high carb or high fat or Keto, IF will have no added advantages.
7. Health Issues: Beyond Calories IN vs Calories a lot of Biological and chemical changes keep happening in the body that will influence a lot of chain reactions. Many people complained about Gastritis in fasting state as there is no feeding for the body.
As a final word, a High carb meal plan is the Go, NO IF and remember Sustainability is the key and NOT intensity.

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