To cut down fat, do we have to pick minimum weights with more reps or heavy weights with less reps

Question: To cut down fat, do we have to pick minimum weights with more reps or heavy weights with less reps. Please advise

Answer: I am certified Bodybuilding coach, please consider this. Will not talk Much science but explain in a simple way.

Body Loves to store Fat and Not keep Muscle. Fat is a dead weight in the body and does not need any nutrition support for
its survival. Now muscle is a burden to the body as it needs a lot of maintenance, blood supply, oxygen and Nutrition to be pumped. So, body would simply not like to keep it for the maintenance work. You lose Fat on Calorie deficit (catabolic state ) and NO calorie deficit meal plan is Muscle sparing. The goal is to minimize the Muscle loss. Within that less calories you give ur body will maintain ur critical and vital functions like heartbeat, liver to work etc and shut down not so important functions.. If you don’t give enough calories how would body maintain your muscles and whats the use for your body to keep up Big biceps🤔🤔? So, it starts cannibalizing/Discharging your muscle tissue for fuel. Now Fat is an Energy reservoir to the body, its an asset body would love to keep. If you starve, Fast, eat less calories the body’s prime goal is to keep you alive. So, it takes energy from the fat stores. So, you need to show your body a good reason to keep up the muscle by showing it work. So when you lift heavy, your mind understands that it needs to recruit a lot of muscle fibers in order to support your heavy lifts and that’s the best way to preserve your muscle.


Have you Noticed right after your workout your muscles swell and increase in size and after an hour the sizes draws back and people call it “temporary Pump” ? That’s actually called “Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy” . It is the accumulation of noncontractile matter, such as water, glycogen, and myoglobin.

First you have to understand your muscles grow for the reasons you put them under “Time under tension”, “Metabolic stress imposed on Muscle Fibers”, “Volume of Work imposed on them”, and “Training for Hypotrophy (Muscle growth for Size)” .

Now coming to “Low rep ranges” and “High rep ranges” . If your goal is to Build Muscle and increase the cross-sectional area of the muscle fibers you need to lift submaximal weights. Low rep ranges contribute in below ways.

1. To conduct Volume of work, with a lighter weight you will be able to perform more repetitions to add “Volume of work”
2. Create Metabolic Tension: When a muscle is trained for maximum repetitions, blood flow is diverted from many other bodily processes, to supply this working muscle with what it needs to perform maximally. You also experience a greater pump
3. Time under Tension: The time under tension that you are putting your muscle for 15 reps is eventually higher than performing 3 reps.
4. Muscular Endurance: Muscular endurance refers to the ability to perform a specific muscular action for a prolonged period of time. Generally, 12-25 reps.


NO matter what your goal is Fat Loss or Muscle building , Lifting heavy WILL BE FUNDAMENTAL for below reasons.

In my lifetime I never trained at higher rep ranges just because I simply don’t enjoy it . I only did that on my De-Load weeks. So you better lift Heavy on your Fat loss goal.

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