Things that we need to do for being Healthy

We care for our group members and would like to bring some points to light in wake of current news.

While age and Family history plays a role and cannot be changed, there are several other factors that influence Heart Stroke and can be managed well. Information is wealth.

Get a BCA test done to determine Visceral Fat. You should be aware if its alarming already to have excess fat around the organs. Obesity and Not exercising Plays a critical Role.

1. Blood Pressure
Your ideal goal: Maintain a blood pressure of less than 135/85. But for some, a less aggressive goal (such as 140/90) may be more appropriate.
How to achieve it:
Reduce the salt in your diet to no more than 1,500 milligrams a day (about a half teaspoon).
Avoid high-cholesterol foods, such as burgers, cheese, and ice cream.
2. Lose weight
Obesity, as well as the complications linked to it (including high blood pressure and diabetes), raises your odds of having a stroke. If you're overweight, losing as little as 10 pounds can have a real impact on your stroke risk.
Your goal: While an ideal body mass index (BMI) is 25 or less, that may not be realistic for you. Work with your doctor to create a personal weight loss strategy.
3. Exercise more
Exercise contributes to losing weight and lowering blood pressure, but it also stands on its own as an independent stroke reducer.
Your goal: Exercise at a moderate intensity at least five days a week.
4. If you drink — do it in moderation
Your goal: Don't drink alcohol or do it in moderation.
5. Treat diabetes
Having high blood sugar damages blood vessels over time, making clots more likely to form inside them.
Your goal: Keep your blood sugar under control.
7. Quit smoking
Smoking accelerates clot formation in a couple of different ways. It thickens your blood, and it increases the amount of plaque buildup in the arteries.

Your goal: Quit smoking.

Don't give up. Most smokers need several tries to quit. See each attempt as bringing you one step closer to successfully beating the habit.Identify a stroke F-A-S-T

Too many people ignore the signs of stroke because they question whether their symptoms are real. Listen to your body and trust your instincts. If something is off, get professional help right away." Stay Healthy guys, Cheers

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