The whole foods vs processed foods checklist

Have you seen an Advertisement in the super market "Healthy Carrots Sold here " ? The Moment someone thinks about Weightloss , they rush to super market to shop for Foods that claim “Health Benefits”. "Slim Milk" , " Zero Added Sugar" , "Low Fat" . These corporates convince you to buy their foods claiming health benefits. Dont be fooled . Eat all “Whole foods” and Not “processed foods” in any form no matter how many health benefits they may claim. Example, this is how you are tricked - " Zero added sugar = Sugar/Fructose from Fruits " "Low in Fat can be high in Sugar" Here is a checklist. 
The whole foods checklist
  1. You can recognize what whole foods used to be. : Rice, Quinoa , Etc
  2. Whole foods don’t come in any packaging other than what’s necessary to keep them from leaking or rolling around.
  3. Whole foods don’t have ingredient labels. Ex: Carrots does not come with “Low in Sugar”, “ High in Protein” , “Healthy” tags
  4. Whole foods take the minimum number of steps to get to you. Local Farmers produce and easily available at Grocery stores. You don’t need MBA’s from IIM to convince you to buy Carrots and corporate advertisements.
  5. Most whole foods go bad fairly quickly.
The processed foods checklist
  1. You generally can’t recognize what processed foods used to be. Ex: Sweet corn turned to pop corn
  2. Processed foods come in packages such as bags or boxes.
  3. Those bags or boxes have ingredient labels.
  4. Processed foods take many steps to get to you.
  5. Processed foods will keep for a long time.
  6. Processed foods are often sold at places that aren’t grocery stores.

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