Tejesh Reddy Singasani's Success Story

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I am based out of Chicago and always had apprehensions on how I could get coached online especially if I am all new to the Weight Training? Then this started,I was 85.9 kgs when started and now (after one and Half month) I am 76.5 kgs .Yes you heard it right in 45 days.The aim is to get rid of the fat and I lost more than 4kg of body fat.It was all perfect, When the weight Loss stalled I was asked to Shuffle my calories, My nutrition charts change when need arise. My workouts were planned based on the availability of the equipment i had at the gym. Daily follow ups by teja helped me be on track and hit the gym even if its is snowing. What not, Its the best support I got and if i can make so much of progress in this time, i am pretty confident these guys can get me the best shape ever. Thanks, Ŕäj Ẅäńďệŕŀüṩẗ for the support and guidance.

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