Taking 1 pill of fish oil as a supplementation for high cholesterol

Question: One of my cousin is having high cholesterol and he have been using medication and along with it he have been taking 1 pill of fish oil as a supplementation. Can you guys please give me the information about it and what are the causes and it's solution?

Answer: Our bad eating habits create a constant increase in the number of LDL cholesterol particles floating around in our blood. For years and years, damage is being done to our arteries without any warning signs, without any symptoms. We continue our routine of gaining a little weight each year, doing less and less exercise, and eating pretty much whatever we want. The damage to our arteries continues until we have a heart attack or a stroke. the best way to treat is PREVENTION and ACT to reduce the risk. While Statins and cholesterol lowering drugs are used, unless lifestyle changes are happening, It’s NOT guaranteed that risk is mitigated. Arteries can Clog again and create blocks.

Lifestyle Changes – includes a cholesterol-lowering diet, physical activity, and weight management. Lifestyle changes revolve around a proper diet with low saturated fat, trans-fats and low cholesterol foods and eating plan as well as weight management, physical activity, drug treatment and stopping smoking.

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