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Finally my day has come.. My 2 and Half months transformation post.. What really happened in these 2 and half months.... ???

Became FAT to FIT.. LETHARGIC (L) to SPECIAL (S).. talking about my dress size..

Age and weight dropped. I came back to my B.TECH weight.. What not.. I feel more confident, active, and must say glowing skin without makeup.. and all these are the by-products of my fat loss journey..In 2 and Half months, lost 10 KGS.. without compromising on my love for food.. and I have to mention this, I tried all kind of diets, from GM to Keto.. but my weight bounced back immediately. But in this particular diet, I never felt that I'm dieting, it's just like eating normal food as usual but in small portions in regular intervals. One Amazing fact is that, my sugar cravings and love for junk food was almost dropped.. it's really amazing right??

I must thank GOD for sending these 2 friends into my life, RAJ and TEJA you people are AMAZING..... The best thing that happened in 2018 is meeting you guys and joining CRUNCHES and I'm blessed to be a part of CRUNCHES.. and I must thank SRIYA for joining me in this group, and other warriors who are posting transformation pics in this group regularly. You guys are amazing and you motivated me to achieve my goal.
So finally here are my Before and After pics..

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