Suggestions on usage of detox and body cleansing products

Question: Hello Crunches Team.. I need your suggestions regarding the usage of the below detox and body cleansing products.. Are these really worth taking intake products? I could see lot of celebrities advertise on these products usage and benefits.. With that many believe that they can get us best results once we use.. Please provide your suggestions.

 Answer: I am a sports nutrition coach, plz consider this . Despite a lack of scientific support for any “detoxifying” dietary process, many “detox diets” have emerged with a combination of fruits, vegetables and Detox teas. People don’t use common sense to understand How would juice, per se, enhance their organs’ ability to eliminate toxins? Some people even use it for fat loss. I don’t understand how flushing out a toxin will reduce fat in the body man. 

These juices you drink have LOTS OF Natural Fruit sugar “fructose”, Low of fiber, No protein, high in Nitrates (vasodilation causes headaches) , Low in essential fats, Electrolyte imbalances. SO SAVE YOUR MONEY , DONT WASTE ON DETOX. the imagined purpose of these interventions is to purge would-be toxins (dirty, yucky, poisonous chemicals) from our bodies. our bodies have very robust detoxification systems. Our major organs of detoxification include the:
• digestive tract,
• kidneys,
• skin,
• lungs,
• liver,
• lymphatic system, and
• respiratory system

Most detox diets are low in proteins, amino acids, fiber, and probiotics. Fasting and low protein diets are counter-productive because our main detox organ, the liver, requires amino acids from protein (e.g. glycine, cysteine, glutamine) in order to support detoxification pathways. Since the assault of man-made chemicals in food, water and our environment never lets up, we need daily detoxification, not some sort of Juice cleaning with harsh remedies once per year. 

Since many of our toxins find themselves in the gastrointestinal tract, a good daily intake of fiber can help bind them up for elimination. Probiotics, live beneficial bacteria such as that found in yogurt, can also — day in and day out — help to transform toxic compounds in the gut and prevent their absorption. However, a three-day detox diet won’t move the dial on toxicity (or health) anywhere near as much as maintaining a healthy lifestyle the other 362 days of the year. Celebrities do a lot of things for money. Virat kohli may not eat lays, Sachin may not drink boost for energy, Ranveer singh josh may not be from thumbs up and Hrithik for sure is not training at Cult fitness. So save your money.

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