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Midway transformation from 96kgs to 86kgs in a span of 2 and half months! My journey from fat to becoming fit! Part 1
I always wanted to loose weight. Read a lot of inspiring stories and tried many programs but nothing worked. My cousin Saketh Addanki introduced me to Crunches India team fb group. All thanks to him! This was the best choice I ever made.
Ẅäńďệŕŀüṩẗ Ŕäj is a walking Encyclopedia! His knowledge regarding body fitness, health and nutrition is immense. The best thing I like about raj is he never gives supplements but insists on eating whole foods all the time. Never met anyone like him. He is a rare breed of people made by God! I still remember my first call to Raj. After speaking to Raj I was very much motivated but was still sceptic about the journey and finally made the best call in my life. This was when I met Simran Bhatnagar another beautiful soul. She is my role model. My son calls her "The Muscles Girl". In the beginning I had lots of questions and called them more than 100 times but not once they lost their patience. They both work in an incredible way. I am still curious how long they both get to rest. I was introduced to the nutritionist. Initally to Kalyan and then to Aliya. Aliya is very professional and a very sweet person. She changes my diet charts according to my health challenges and my tastes. All thanks to her I am eating the best food. When I started my journey from 96kgs there were lots of hurdles due to overweight, regarding bones, vitamin deficiency etc. I was left in the best capable hands of Dr. Sahitya another wonderful person. She gave the best guidance to over come these hurdles and continue my incredible weight loss journey.

I initally started doing home workout. Raj and Sim insisted me on joining the gym many times to get better results. Main reason I didn't join gym was I didn't believe in myself. There were many times I took a gym subscription and ended up paying a lot of money without any results. Thought this will be the same again. So I insisted on home workout. Once I started losing weight I was inspired and thought will give it a try again, subscribing to the gym. To my surprise I saw better results than home workout. Then I understood why they were insisting all this while. All thanks to both, now I don't feel like doing home workout anymore. Gym is so much fun. I like the way they keep changing my workouts giving me new challenges. There is a saying... "It takes 21 days to create a habit and 90 days to create a lifestyle! " Now I have a lifestyle of hitting the gym 7 days a week
I never thought I had it in me to change myself head towards losing weight. This is still like a dream. I always read others experiences but never thought I would write one. This happened only because of Crunches! Hope my journey motivates many others who are on the edge of thinking... will it work or can I do it? My suggestion, just jump-in and you will learn to swim through, with lots of support of course. This is my story of a beautiful journey so far! This is just the beginning... More in part 2
Crunches India is not one person it's a team, who help you achieve your Goals and make your Dream a reality! They are my family now!

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