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 Transformation Post: Instead of saying Weight loss I can call Crunches "Physique enablers" or "Physique Sculptors" . The workouts were aimed at just not weight loss but give me that perfect look and tone simultaneously improving my strength and endurance. The gym I joined put me on aerobics and Floor Trainings. When I was introduced to Crunches, I wondered even if something like this was possible. Now im in the process of getting that Toned Legs, Slim waist. I weight Train 7 times a week. It was an experience never to forget working with Ŕäj Ẅäńďệŕŀüṩẗ. Who does not wanna look good and the best? I now volunteer to work with other females in group helping them in their journey. Will soon post a pic with my Abs. be motivated and work Hard.
When i first met them I still remember the words" Physique and Health cannot be purchased in the market for ready wear, you have to earn it by working hard for it" and " If you have to look like a heroine, you have to eat and train like a heroine". These pumped up my spirits I now eat and train like an athlete.. Always thankful to you crunches. This happened in 5 months with a Fat percentage drop of 34 to 24 now. I will aim for 20% Body fat in next few months to come out finished.

2 Month transformation alert: I was eagerly waiting for my turn to pen down my journey. Ŕäj Ẅäńďệŕŀüṩẗ is a good friend of mine and we train at the same gym. Crunches helped at every stage of my journey be it diet and Workouts. If it was not because of them, i would still be slogging hard in my journey, they made it simple,easy and fun.The pic in middle was taken 2 months back.


I was more into aerobics and was a fancy treadmill girl. Raj put me on weight training. I now do all compound and isolated workouts and train hard ( im posting my deadlift video too). Im looking more defined and toned. Will soon post a pic with my abs. Thanks to team crunches. I now have all my family and friends in this group.

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