Risks and Dangers of Zero Calorie Sweeteners like "Relish"," Splenda" and "Natura"

Do you Eat Iron, Steel or rubber? You dont right. You know your body simply is not designed to digest it. Same goes with "Zero Calorie" Sweeteners and " Artificial Sweeteners". Next time you see "Diabetic Sweets" , "Sugar free Laddoo" "Sugar free Sweets", treat it like Rat poison and please dont carry it to your family. Many people with Diabetic condition use these Zero Cal sweeteners like "Relish", "Splenda" "Natura". YOUR BODY DOES NOT METABOLIZE THIS SUGAR MOLECULE AND IT REMIANS IN BODY LONG AFTER YOU STOP EATING IT. Hear to Dr. Sahitya Goteti in a detailed video about it Risks and Dangers. Few hundreds of studies were conducted on the safety and less than 10 were on Humans and the longest study lasted for less than 10 days and funny thing is all these studies were sponsored and funded by Splenda.

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