Rekha Nm & Chandra Babu's Couple Success Story

Lazy couple to Active Couple . . . !!

We Rekha Nm & Chandra Babu Jonnakuti used to search for reasons to avoid exercise and keep postponing things , but now workout comes first and then everything else follows . . 😊
I was under the impression that if I do weights,all the muscle will show up and it would look ugly for girls.

I have tried different types of diet and tried to lose weight in easy ways.. But all that was temporary.
One fine day we came to know about Crunches from my friend Viń Ňy and then wanted to give it a try, to lose weight in a healthy way . In our very first conversation @Raj had really impressed us and motivated us to start lifting weights. With in a week we started seeing the changes in body and started loving the way we are transforming: gaining more strength day by day and getting leaner in a healthy way with a quality and healthy diet which is sustainable . .

It’s been great pleasure working with crunches . . It’s unbelievable that we lost 9 kgs in 2 months with fat loss of 7% for me and 9% for my husband.

I am glad we chose this path . . Thank you very much Raj and Kalyan who have been supporting us and will continue to work with you till we transform completely. .
A special thanks to Dr.Sahitya who Keeps sharing valuable information through her videos . . Keep bringing awareness to make everyone fit

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