Rajesh Sagar's Success Story

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I always just thinking to lose weight and thought of dream itself and it was in thinking stage itself untill I met Crunches Team .By God Grace on fine day I called Raj bro and spoke with him and impressed with his motivational and nutritional Knowledge and Thought of this Rajesh weight loss is Possible with Rajesh Bro only. He told me that losing weight should be equal to losing fat but not muscle weight and Diet means taking nutritional food in a proper time what body requires but some in misconception think that diet means taking less food without balanced diet .

Now my day has come to share my experience that I lost weight 7.7 kgs and body fat from 34.1 to 22.1 i.e., 12% and 4 inch belly loss in a span of only 2 months so if any one is thinking to lose weight just stop thinking and Go with Crunches Team .

Thanks is a small word to Raj for making me to motivate and Simran for hitting the gym and Kalyan and Aliya for designing Diet chart as per our requirement .

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