I'm daily sleeping 7 hours still feeling sleepy

Question: I'm daily sleeping 7 hours still feeling sleepy. Is this issue got due to drinking not enough water through out the day after workouts?? Is drinking less water after workouts creates any issue??How to overcome this situation??

chronic sleep loss can reduce the capacity of an individual to perform basic metabolic functions, such as processing and storing carbohydrates or regulating hormone secretion.

The most likely culprit is over training in the gym. Depending on the length and intensity of your workout, you may be physically taxing your body, requiring water, nutrients and rest to recover. a person’s rate of adaptation to training is limited and cannot be forced beyond his or her body’s capacity for development. Although the volume of work performed in training is an important stimulus for physical conditioning, it can be overdone, leading to problems of chronic fatigue, illness, overtraining syndrome, or performance decrements. GO on “LESS INTENSE” workouts for a month or “De-Load week” .

Since omega-3s from fish oils slow the release of cytokines and thereby reduce their effects, hypothetically it’s possible that omega-3s may reduce exercise-sleepiness issue. Its good to take short naps too. Research shows that the benefits of naps include increased productivity, alertness, creativity, problem solving ability, lowers stress levels, rejuvenates the body and enhances moods.
In regards to water , keep yourself hydrated. That’s the key. Your body will anyways signal you in the form of “Thurst”

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