Pradeep & Srilatha Couple transformation Success Story

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Couple transformation. Hurry...our healthy days are back, It reminds us of our marriage days, everyone used to say then Slim & Charming couple. Slowly over the years we have changed.
Waist increased and fitness decreased, used to convince ourselves that it is due to the increased responsibilities, work and kids , no time for fitness etc., however some times unknown force within used kick in to push us for sports and other ways to reduce waist and bring back fitness but some how nothing used to work.

This has become a routine of our live to try something... Yoga, gym, sports...though it used bring some fun in life but never helped to achieve the desired goals.
The other day our Friend Sri Lakshmi has referred us to Crunches, initially we had no hope, but decided to try.

Now we believe that this is one our best decisions of life with respect health. The team at Crunches is great... young and energetic, Raj, Simran Bhatnagar& Aliya. They make sure that you follow the prescribed diet and exercise . They are always there to listen to our queries, answer the questions though it may sound silly sometimes.The experience is wonderful, it has changed our lifestyles thanks @Raj n team

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