Please Save your Personal Training Costs

Please Save your Personal Training Costs : Personal Training is a big scam in India. Majority of the trainers are made from Youtube all their knowledge ends at exercises related to Biceps, triceps, Legs, chest , shoulder and abs selection. 3 exercises for each muscle group, 3-5 sets each. You will have Cardio sessions/functional training with Floor exercises, monkey jumping here and there, burpees, Battle ropes and crap. Most of the Six packs and straight out of the Bollywood magazine physiques you see in the gym (Clients and trainers) would convince you that working hard will make you look like them but trust me majority of them are on performance enhancing drugs and would not have eaten an apple in their lifetime. Just follow these steps and you will achieve your Fat Loss goals.

1. Calorie Deficit : Gym is a place where you just burn calories by physical exertion , nothing great happens there. All your transformation happens in the kitchen. SO CALORIE DEFICIT IS THE KEY
2. Do you need PT: Don’t ask your trainers on what exercises to do for Fatloss. They will surely make you monkey jump, Floor exercises, Side bends, Stick exercises, Cardio, Burpees, Etc. remember, gyms are interested in selling a membership and trainers are there to make personal training business and wanna see you weak so you pay them repeatedly. None is interested in chiseling you. You are paying to screw up your health, Majority of the trainers don’t understand bio mechanics and safe exercise prescription.
3. Exercise Selection: Muscles will only grow in size (Myofibril Hypertrophy), you cannot shape the muscles. So doing 10000 bicep curls or 10000 Ab exercises will not give you nice bicep definition or Six pack abs. When you lose fat, you see your washboard abs and nice bicep definition.
4. Fat Loss exercises: Daily do compound exercises that will involve multiple joints and limbs. Chest, Legs and Back burns more calories than side bends, abs, biceps and smaller muscle groups. SO FOCUS on these muscle groups. forearms, biceps and triceps are synergist muscles in most of your upper body movements so don’t be fancy about them, they don’t need Direct training.
5. Sleep and recovery: Sleep for 7-9 hours a day. Do you know you can also workout the same Muscle group every single day ONLY if you recover well.
6. DO you need Cardio: No, steady state cardio is a Big NO. Kettle bell swings between your workout, jump rope, Barbell complexes, Sled drags between your sets will condition your body very well. Keep the rest interval between your sets to less than 30 seconds and that’s your Cardio , you will sweat profusely.
7. SEQUENCE: 1.) Start with a 5 minute warm up on a treadmill/Bear crawl 2.) warm up drills to free your joints 3.) Compound exercises and HIIT 4.) stretching/foam rolling
As a final word, don’t look for what exercises to do. You can randomly do your exercises, Only make sure any workout you do should have some weight in your hand. Forget about chest+tricep , Back+bicep and split muscle group or Push pull workouts. All you need is COMPOUND EXERCISES.

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