My tummy fat is not reducing even after weight loss

It's been 40 days i started my workout and i'm OK with the results for now. But, there is an issue. My tummy fat is not reducing. I have lost 5 kgs but the tummy still looks the same.. could you please help me with tips of diet and workout to reduce tummy fat?
I'm 24 years old. Height - 5'9". Weight - 85.


If you are 85 KG with 30% body fat and lets say you are now at 80 KG with 30% body fat. You loose weight, but you are smaller fat than being larger fat. So never go with Weightloss, it can also mean your muscle loss or water loss in the body. 


to flat tummy, there is no spot reduction. Even you do 10000 sit ups and crunches will not help, unless your diet is tailored as per your need. You loose your overall body fat and then you loose tummy. Be on a calorie deficit, it is KEY. burn 7700 Calories to loose 1 kg of body fat. Thats the thumb rule. Use cardio as a tool but go with HIIT resistance training.

The first thing. get your BCA done. All famous gyms, VLCC, etc has it. It will tell you your fat percentage. Once you understand it, we will help you with a diet and workout plan..the goal is to make you muscular, just dream a six pack. Implement our plan, Its free. BOOM !! you have a transformation. Please inbox us your number and we will guide you further.

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