My right hand has more strength than my left

Question: I have feel my right hand has more strength than my left. So when I am working out with resistances bands, I feel I am pulling with my right hand more n better than my left hand. Can you please help me improve my left hand strength?

I am a Bodybuilding specialist. please consider this. Everybody has strength lagging in one of their hands or legs.

Unilateral resistance training (one limb/Hand at a time) forces your body to recruit more muscle fibers than bilateral re
sistance training does. It requires much more effort for one limb, working by itself, to move a weight from one point to another, than for two limbs working collaboratively to move the weight the same distance. Instead of performing a traditional dumbbell bench press or bicep curls with two hands, perform each arm independently both sides. The same strategy can be used for other body parts: For the quadriceps use one-leg extensions, for hamstrings use oneleg curls, and so on.

Pick a weight at which you can do 10–15 repetitions with the left arm, do this weight to momentary muscular failure, and match the same amount of reps on the right arm (strong arm). Although the volume is the same on both arms, the intensity is maximally stressed on the weaker arm.

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