My left biceps is smaller than right

Question: I somewhere feel that my left biceps is smaller than right .. do you have any suggestions if anything needs to be done on that .

Answer: I am a certified Bodybuilding coach. Everyone in the gym encounters this problem. One arm may be smaller or one side of the chest may be smaller . or a Muscle may be lagging. Bodybuilders use their off season in bringing up Symmetry and train the lagging body parts. The way they do this is summarized below.


Unilateral resistance training (one limb at a time) forces your body to recruit more muscle fibers than bilateral resistance training does. It requires much more effort for one limb, working by itself, to move a weight from one point to another, than for two limbs working collaboratively to move the weight the same distance. Instead of performing a traditional incline dumbbell bench press, perform each arm independently.both sides. The same strategy can be used for other body parts: For the quadriceps use one-leg extensions, for hamstrings use oneleg curls, and so on.

Pick a weight at which you can do 10–15 repetitions with the left arm, do this weight to momentary muscular failure, and match the same amount of reps on the right arm (strong arm). Although the volume is the same on both arms, the intensity—the most important ingredient to growth—is maximally stressed on the weaker arm.

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