My bicep muscle getting bigger but not getting shape

Question: lost nearly 30kgs during my weight loss workout, after that while doing strength workouts my bicep muscle getting bigger but not getting shape. When i asked trainer he said to lift heavy, some says do low weigh high reps, some say to do triple drop set. But still no result no shape. Any suggestions please

we not sure about your current body fat percentage and weight. You will see muscle definition with less body fat. Have you ever seen a guy complaining about no definition at 8-10% body fat? Or hypothetically, if a clinically obese person does 20 repetitions , drop sets and everything do you think he will look aesthetic? So aesthetics and muscle definition is all about lower body fat percentage. When you are not training for muscle hypertrophy, you need to be on a calorie deficit and increase the rep ranges to may be 15 . The lower your body fat you will start seeing more definition.

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