Mohan Krishna's Success Story

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I am a 18 year old Teenager who just passed my 12th. the biggest challenge was always overcoming food cravings, You may be knowing what level of preference people give to food at my age chips, colas, cookies, cakes what not. One day I decided to take up a journey which is not only challenging for my age but also rewriting my own story, a beautiful one where i am the author. I stay in a remote place in Andhra Pradesh and have to board a bus early morning 7 to go to a gym and by the time I return home its 11:30 AM. Being summer and in crazy heat I decided to do it and make my Holidays the time I get in best shape and build health. My cousin in US gave me crunches Number and the journey began and 2 months here I am. Thanks Crunches for helping me with my nutrition plan and Workouts without which I am sure a dream would have been a dream and not a reality 

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