Meal plan and exercise to be followed when health is well

Question: Hi Crunches, I am following your meal plan and exercise .But today I am not keeping well..kindly suggest meal plan and exercise to be followed when not well. And when I do heavy exercise I usually feel dizziness...please share your suggestion

Answer: Feeling dizzy in the Gym is not an illness, but a “symptom” of something else. moderate to intense exercises may cause your blood glucose to drop (“Exercise Hypoglycemia”) . Pre-exercise feeding with carbohydrates preferably Complex in nature (I prefer Sweet potato) gives you a sustained release of energy. You can also have 1 square of chocolate if the condition persists for a quick burst of energy spike to overcome the condition. Nothing to panic brother. Also, keep yourself well hydrated.

If there is not enough blood flowing to the head, dizziness may result. For example, when you stand up too quickly or have eaten a heavy meal, you may feel dizzy. This is because blood pressure has fallen sharply. In these cases, the condition should only be temporary. Avoid sudden jerky movements.

Squats: observe if its happening when you are squatting. When you stand up quickly gravity pulls blood from your brain towards your feet and blood doesn't return to the brain until the next heartbeat. With a slow pulse, this takes a second or two and that is enough time to feel the lack of oxygen in the symptom of lightheadedness or dizziness. It is also related to something called postural hypotension. This results from a decrease in blood flow to the brain, due to a drop-in blood pressure upon standing up.

Regarding your Nutrition : You not feeling well is a stress imposed on your body. Keep yourself Hydrated, your body flushes out more fluids than usual under these conditions. Keep your Protein Intake high so you do not cannibalize your muscle tissue to meet your body’s energy demands especially on a calorie restricted diet. If you wish, keep sipping EAA’s (essential Amino Acids), it greatly helps in recovery. Eat a Lot of Vitamin C rich foods like berries, oranges, lemons. If you have symptoms of pain and inflammation drinking greentea with turmeric and ginger will bring down atleast 30% of your pains.

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