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Myself Manasa from Mysuru,Entrepreneur and actress @sandalwood.
Ahhh... I was eagerly waiting to write here that what I exactly got from CRUNCHES INDIA. Lots of knowledge📚 from Raj , super simple diet 📝from Aliya and finally Amazing workouts🏋🏻‍♂️ from Sim . Losing weight from 90’s to 80’s was easy for me , from 80’s was little difficult and Now I wanted to give up. Here , I got introduced to crunches India from my gud friend Radha,ty dear.

I started my journey with crunches India when I was weighing 84 kilos. It began with the long cal with Raj who gave me sooo much knowledge about weight loss ,nutrition ,muscle,dedication etc till then I was knowing only about weight loss , then I got to know tht baby,it is not about weight loss ,it is about FAT LOSS. Before crunches Though I was loosing weight,my side fat was v v challenging and I have done countless of stick and dumbbell side bending workouts but I was never able to get it off. Trust me it was a miracle to see my sides going off without doing any particular workout on tht part till date ,this is my biggest advantage got it from crunches. 

I am a big time No person for doing cardio using machines but ppl used to say u have to do cardio lik treadmill,cycle etc to loose weight ,and again crunches never told me to cardio on machines,Happiee me. Then I got to know tht fat loss happens by doing workouts using weights not cardio on machines. The way sim plan my workout looks simple but gives result amazingly, every single day some or the other fellow at gym appreciates my workout, even the trainers too tht too at gold’s 🙊

Diet plan from Aliya is also so simple , I no need to wander for groceries,takes less time cook. In btw many times I wanted to give up but raj never let me to give up. I swear,the journey from 80’s to 60’s was not at all easy but it happened because of CRINCHES INDIA, cause of Raj ,Sim and Aliya.

 My target was ly to reach 80kiols, not even dreamt of reaching 60’s. Now,I want to look like Athlet and I know tht to reach my goal Crunches India is always with me . Now,I know what to eat, when to eat , how much to eat . I got all these knowledge only from Crunches and this is also helping me to correct the eating pattern of my family n loved ones. 

Another best part of crunches is that ,any of these three beautiful souls are available at any Time for any queries. My outfits size are now Medium from XL and XXL😋. Being fit has become my lifestyle. Simple Mantra is DEDICATION + CONSISTENCY +PATIENCE + BLINDLY FOLLOW THE MASTERS (Raj,sim and Aliya🤗).Just thanks is v small word to say to Crunches. Em v great full to be a part of Crunches India. Love you all @simran bhatnagar @rajwanderlust and Aliya

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