Madhuvan Adari's Success Story

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It’s been 3 years I started workout. I used to think loosing weight is enough for me and started working out the same routine cardio everyday without any diet or work out plan. At the end I wasn’t loosing any weight, forget about body fat, I was not even aware of that and no gym trainer told me about it. I used to think running on tread mill for hours will make wonders.

Recently I came across #Crunches on Facebook. I have read all the reviews posted by the people who were been a part of different programs. The way they transformed over a period really inspired me and made me walk towards #Crunches. I had contacted Raj but still thought if I am taking a right step. I paused for few days. FINALLY I have decided to trust Raj and give a try. Though I was working out and following the diet plan, I used to think, am I really loosing fat and weight.

Here I am, after 2 months of training. I lost 6kgs and 5% body fat. Looking forward to cut down more. Raj, Teja and Simran were very helpful throughout the program. They have designed a suitable diet and workout plan for me. They were monitoring my progress very often. Raj changed my perspective of workout to burn calories. A proper trainer is definitely needed to see results. If someone is looking for serious body transformation. Here is your destination #Crunches.

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