L-CARNITINE : Will it really burns more fat ?

Question: I just wanted to ask you a question regarding L-CARNITINE .
  • Will it really burns more fat ?
  • Does it has any effects?
  • What do you suggest ??
My gym trainer suggested me to use it , for burning more fat effectively.

Answer: Whenever you put something in your mouth be it a Fat burner or a Biryani don’t make subconscious decisions. People smell Biryani and eat up, Friends meet should happen over a coffee table , people look at ice cream and they eat it, without thinking “Does their body need it at that time”. Pause for a while and look at the product and think what’s it gonna do to my body? Is it goanna Wreak havoc on my hormones? Is it gonna make me fat? Is SOmeone tricking me with a label? Etc. Now these corporates hire MBA’s , maintain a big supply chain, fund advertisements to create an illusion of health. People relate to “The meaning” of the product label to buy them. Its all fraud and deception my friend. For example

Fat Burner: It creates an impression that it burns Fat
Energy drink: Drinking that may give you energy
Complan with 26 Vital Vitamins: Wow its healthy you get all essentials
Women Horlicks: Specially made for woman with special needs.

“ The label” itself is just enough to convince you to buy. But its so tricky

Ex: Fat burner: Bloody Fat should be oxidesed and there is no food that will go into your body to melt fat.
Organic Foods: May be just 5% of the ingredients may be Organic but rest all may be crap
NO added Sugar: Means Sugar is coming from Fruit
Low in Fat: Is high in Sugars/Carbs

Now the science behind fat burners:
Firstly Nutrition is not a regulated industry, Any body can bloody talk Nutrition like your gym trainers (its beyond their scope of practice), make supplement and also recommend supplements. Gyms are a big place of Bro-Science, especially the trainers. You ask them diets they lecture, you ask them workouts they lecture, you ask them health they preach . They play a role of Dietician+Trainer+doctor together. They are like self promoted RMP's doing surgeries, becareful. The labels you see on the packs are also not accurate and sometimes people don’t list all the ingredients in the dabba.

Ingredients and Dangers of Fat burners: a fat burner may increase metabolism for a temporary amount of time, resulting in more calories burned and potential a fat loss. Now this happens only when you are a calorie deficit meal plan. Not eating a cake and taking a fat burner.

Most of the Fat burners will have All or some of the combination of :

CAFFEINE: caffeine can produce slowed heart rate, hypertension, nervousness, irritability, insomnia, and gastrointestinal distress. In addition to this, it is a diuretic that blocks the release of anti-diuretic hormone. This causes the kidneys to excrete more fluid than normal, which can dehydrate the body. Coleus Frokshili , Yohembine, Garcinia camogia, the list goes on. These have potential to create irregular heart beat/palpitations, Aggravates the the sympathetic system, suppress the appetite and a lot more to do.Now what I meant is sometimes these dosages go extreme and have the potential to screw up your health very badly. SO DON’T LOOK AT FAT BURNERS.

Focusing on L-Carnitine. Its not a fat burner but it mobilizes the fat from the fat cells to be oxidized during Aerobic activity. Its not effective on Anaerobic activity and also have very slight/to not proven effects on Fat loss as per the studies conducted. You don’t need anything to burn fat other than a Calorie deficit meal plan.

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