Keerty Subrahmanyam's Success Story

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My Son, Sai Indraneel is an aspiring cricketer and a serious sports person. His body weight was always hindering his performance. Like a Normal Indian parent, we were just giving him some Milk and banana to power his sport. Glad we met Crunches and the way they mentored, motivated him, their nutrition plans everything was amazing.

For his age he is now determined to control his temptations, he eats clean and given his challenges of going to gym, he makes his own home arrangement and workouts out. Thanks Ŕäj Ẅäńďệŕŀüṩẗ for all the guidance. He is now at 10% body fat and his performance sky rocketed. Glad we found you guys in India.

In No time before winter comes in New jersey we wanted to transform him and took assistance of Crunches. And glad everything worked in our favor

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