Jaykrishna Arveti's Success Story

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I believe it's time for me share my progress journey with Crunches INDIA team, Yes I am seeing results what I couldn't have thought of if i didn't follow words of coach raj and diet plan from Teja. I always worried that going on diet would be starving myself and working out would be pain, but with the counseling from team it's clear for me that being on diet means eating your favorite food in healthy way and workout means spending a hour or two in our daily life to give work to our body which we miss by sitting idle at our works. So more than looking at losing weight or fat I take my training as enjoying a healthy life style. But I can honestly say that without crunches it would have been so hard to me to get this achieved. Last but not least I have lost 12 kg in 65 days of my coaching and lost 7% of my body fat.

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