Is it safe to drink 250 ml of soy milk everyday?

Question: Hello Crunches, just wanted to know in a head to head contest between Soy Milk and Cow Milk, which will fare better? And is it safe to drink 250 ml of soy milk everyday? I'm a little skeptical about it because I've read that there are some serious side effects of drinking soy milk, so could you please help me out.

Answer: MILK IS POISON PLEASE AVOID. A Rat drinks Rat’s milk, Monkey drinks monkeys milk. Why do humans have to drink cows milk? Do you know why majority of the people have lactose intolerance, its because human system is simply not designed to digest diary. Greedy businesses over the years created a health illusion so people buy dairy products and its a billion $ industry. Milk, Cheese, butter, ghee, paneer, Kohva to make sweets, Whey proteins, Casein protein supplements every drop is just money till the cow is pushed to slaughter house for sale of meat skin and bones.

Firstly Milk is a risky food for human consumption. Milk has calcium and It builds strong bones you have been taught as a kid is all Bull shit. Harvard researchers conducted a study on older woman over an 18 year period and concluded that milk drinkers had zero protection from fractures. People those who drink milk have higher rate of hip fractures, cancers and live shorter life. Diary can increase the chance of man’s prostate cancer by 34% and woman having breast cancer drinking one serving a day has the risk of dying by 39%. diary is the number one source of saturated fat. Animals are fed with steroids, Growth Hormones, antibiotics in animal feeds with highly laden pesticides. Milk has dioxins. and dioxins cause endometriosis and cancers and endocrine disruption problems. Interestingly, one needs to be exposed to 14 years to be affected to dioxins that cow can obtain so much by cow ingesting grass in JUST ONE DAY. This is accumulated in the Fat, in the milk and in the meat too. It crosses the placenta to reach the growing infant and also comes out from the breast milk. So I request MOTHERS AND PREGNANT WOMAN TO FORGO DIARY PRODUCTS. Casein protein the main protein in cheese and milk breaks in the digestive system to create casomorphins (casein derived morphin like compounds) which plays a role in SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), Autism etc.. The list goes ON.

SOYA MILK: Soy is inferior quality of protein given the Bio availability and the amino acid composition. It’s a highly debatable food for its risks. The findings of several recent studies suggest that consuming soy might, under some circumstances, increase the risk of breast cancer. Soy isoflavones have been reported to reduce thyroid function in some people

Alternatives: The best milk to have is Unsweetened unflavored ALMOND MILK AND COCONUT MILK.

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