Is it important to follow calories with strict timings per day?

Question: Might be a stupid question.. how important it is to follow timing while eating food ? For eg. Oats if I am supposed to have for breakfast.. what happens if I eat in evening.. is it important to follow calories per day or calories along with strict timings per day?

Question: I am a sports nutrition coach. Please consider this inputs. Foods are timed, Eating a banana before a run gives a different result eating it before bedtime. 


1. The way Nutrition is planned, If you are on a 1500 Calorie d
iet with 500 calories deficit, eating 5 meals a day. Try creating a 100 calorie deficit in each meal Attaining a balance.
2. Now if you just eat 2 meals , 750 calories each - Any event your body cant utilize all your calories , it again turns to fat. So No single large meals.
3. Your foods are timed: You et based on what you do next. If you plan to go take an afternoon nap , you don’t load carbohydrates or sleep after a heavy lunch. Similarly, your pre workout is a combination of protein and carbohydrates. so keep that in mind.
4. If you miss a meal, thats OK. But dont over compensate by eating more portion.
5. While you may benefit from ingestion of 30-40 grams of protein , it’s not mandatory.
6. Your body is better tolerant to carbohydrates post workout.
7. Timing is OK, Need not hit that precise. Throughout the day your calorie intake is important

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