Is it good to do squats regularly ?

Question: Is it good to do squats regularly ?

Answer: I am a Bodybuilding coach and consider this. Ronaldo plays foot ball and uses his legs regularly , A guy who rows a boat uses his arms and back every single day to row. Your body is designed to work 365 days a year just like your heart and lungs doing its job. Quadriceps femoris and Gluteus maximus are Large Muscles and actively engaged when you Squat and will burn more calories when you workout than bicep curls. If you are able to recover well, yes you can DO YOUR SQUATS regulary. I do it.

Now if your goal is to build your muscles, Your legs take good 4-5 days to recover and your muscles repair and grow when you rest.

On a Fat Loss goal, yes squat daily if you recover. On a muscle building goal, try hitting once a week very hard.

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