Is investing time into Saunas and Steam rooms will really relax our muscles?

Question: I’ve seen a lot of people investing their time into Saunas and Steam rooms saying that will relax their muscles. I tried to read a few articles before implementing it in my routine to know about myths and facts about saunas and steam rooms and ended up with irrelevant responses. A few say that massage is better than saunas, a few of them say these steam rooms are where tons of bacteria reside and a few say that isn’t helpful at all. Can we get a piece of clear information on this so that we can include that in our routine?

Answer:  I heard many trainers tell their clients Steam baths promote Fat Loss and majority of the users does not even know why they take steam or why every gym has a steam room. There is no evidence of FAT LOSS but water weight in d body comes down due to the continued sweating process induced by heat in d steam room brother.

Possibly the greatest advantage to steam rooms is the fact that the humidity levels in the air ensure that skin remains supple and hydrated throughout the steam session. In addition, beads of moisture coat the skin almost instantaneously and prevent the body from losing heat through the process of evaporation. This is thought to accelerate the detoxification and healing processes which take place within the body when body temperature rises sending metabolic levels into overdrive and also induce sweating. On the down side, the typical steam room environment provides the perfect breeding ground for germs and bacteria which thrive in the warm, moist conditions. Actually people should take a shower BEFORE and also after entering the steam room which I never saw happening. Use essential oils which has antiseptic property which makes the whole steaming process more hygienic.

Avoid using a sauna if you have a fever or an inflammatory disease or injury, if anyone is pregnant, or if you have been drinking. In addition, you may want to consult your physician if you have a disease, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma or skin disease. Steam baths are also believed to be more beneficial to those suffering from respiratory ailments

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