Is the body fat percentage that plays a main role in terms of fitness?

Question: As per my knowledge, it is the body fat percentage that plays a main role in terms of fitness. I have seen many of my friends with same body fat percentage and with different body weights. But some of them look fat and some are in different sizes. So what makes these differences although they have same body fat percentages?.

Answer: I am a body building coach, Please consider this. Fitness is relatively a general term . You can relate specifically to Functional fitness, balance, Strength, endurance, power etc to perform aspects of daily life to consider if you are fit and healthy. For an Active/sedentary lifestyle people 15% or near should be considered Healthy for Males and 20-25% is considered healthy for females. Specific sports demand lesser body fat percentages for athletic performances. Now Athletes come in various sizes and shapes, so body fat percentages are sport specific and do not decide on the fitness. I am also attaching a pic for your reference. Now if your friends are having higher body fat percentages and active, they may be healthy or unhealthy. But unless your friends are sport specific athletes(Like strength and power athletes) its ALWAYS ADVISABLE TO CARRY LOWER BODY FAT PERCENTAGES. Now their Height masks their weight in terms of look. Example: A taller girl may look leaner than a short girl at the same body fat percentage.

Different Athletes belonging to different sports :


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