I would like to reduce the weight without going to gym

Question: I came across this group through a college buddy. I would like to reduce my weight for about 10kilos. Currently I weigh around 81. I would like to bring it down for 70 before 1st January 2020. Is it possible? I would like to reduce the weight without going to gym bcz I heard that I might gain weight rapidly if I leave accessing Gym. Sleep is my weakness & am a Foodie.
Any suggestions from the Crunches India team?

Answer: If you stop going to the gym, will you gain back weight?
No. Gym is a place where you expel calories. Your cardio, Aerobics, Zumba, Strength training, Yoga will only burn calories at different intensities. So you don’t become fat by not going to the gym. You will become fat by over eating. Simple law of thermodynamics
1} your energy intake > your energy output = You Gain weight
2} your energy intake < your energy output = You Lose weight
3} your energy intake = your energy output = You maintain weight

Losing 10 KG’s in 2 Months
Yes, it is possible. You expel 7000 odd calories to oxidize 1 KG of fat. So if you be on a calorie deficit and include activity that’s aimed at maximizing energy expenditure, Its easy. Your body is more than 60% water, so significant water loss or muscle loss will contribute to your weight loss. So please understand Fat loss and Weight-loss are different worlds.

What happens when you don’t workout but still follow nutrition to lose weight:
You lose fat when you are on a calorie deficit(giving less calories than what body needs). The more deficit you create body tries it best to survive within those calories trying to shut down not so important functions and carry out important vital functions like circulatory, respiratory functions. Muscle is treated like an expenditure and the more muscle body has more calories are needed for maintenance so it SIMPLY DISCHARGES MUSCLE TISSUE . if you wanna preserve muscle mass you got to strength train . this also sky rockets the weight loss results. Or the results are slow and sluggish.

Sleep & Foodie:
When you call yourself “foodie” , Im sure you are not eating carrots and calling yourself foodie. You should never identify yourself with Food. Food is a necessity and not luxry. Unless you fix your habits whatever weight you lose will eventually return back. So eating clean is fundamental and the basis for you to remain lean for life and enjoy a disease free life. Sleep for 7-9 hrs thats essential. Anything over or under is not advisable. Your important hormonal functions, recovery happen in sleep.

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